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  • Deborah Conner Deborah Conner Listing Owner

    From the very first time I met coach Deborah, and throughout our sessions, she has been an excellent listener that has offered a safe space to discuss difficult subjects. Her approach is always kind and free of judgment. She truly hears me and gives me permission and space to express my thoughts and feelings, so that I am able to get clarity and move forward. I feel better after each session with Deborah and highly recommend you work with her, whether you have had a near death or out of body experience or just need a trusted place to gain clarity on a life decision or personal belief etc.
    Gayle Cheatham

  • Deborah Conner Deborah Conner Listing Owner

    Deborah is very knowledgeable about the science behind Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). When someone experiences something like this, often they feel like they want to make drastic changes in their lives. This is due to being left to sort out your challenging feelings by yourself. Deborah’s calm demeanor and active listening skills put you at ease, which makes it possible to share your experience with her knowing that it’s confidential and will go no further than from you to her. Deborah is a down to earth coach with an extreme passion towards those that have had NDEs/STEs/OBEs.
    Lindsey Shuford

  • Deborah Conner Deborah Conner Listing Owner

    I so appreciated working with Deborah Conner, she was patient and very insightful in helping me identify potential areas of growth and expansion within my business and in my personal growth. Having Deborah provide a fresh perspective of the goals I wished to attain, helped me to clearly identify the steps I needed to take but was unwilling or unable to see before.

    Deborah provided a safe and fun atmosphere which made it easy to define my next steps to better myself and my business.

    Rinette Lagace

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